Introducing CT's Bear Queen -Proudly Supporting The Children's Hospital Charity

"The Children’s Hospital Charity is close to many of our hearts and makes a real difference to so many families’ lives. We are delighted to be part of the Bear trail which aims to raise money for the much needed redevelopment of the cancer ward."

Ian Snow - Managing Director at CT

The Story

We are delighted to announce that CT is supporting Sheffield Children’s Hospital Bears of Sheffield to help raise vital funds for the new and improved cancer ward. The children who need this ward often need to stay at the hospital for a long time – sometimes more than a year – so the environment in which they are living makes so much difference. For many families, home is wherever their child is and we want to help make an extremely stressful and difficult time more manageable. The new ward has significance for families far beyond Sheffield. It is the Principal Treatment Centre for children with cancer and leukaemia from babies through to 19-year-olds within South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and North Derbyshire with patients travelling from as far south as Northampton for treatment.

Why is a new Cancer Ward needed?

New spaces will help families stay connected

Helps to create a home away from home

New technology & multimedia equipment

"We are thrilled that CT is getting involved with the Bears of Sheffield trail to raise money for the new cancer ward. This ward is home to many children who are isolated during their treatment time. Our goal is to improve the experience for children and their families by keeping them connected to the outside world, maximising the view of Weston Park, and improving the space and storage in their rooms. For many families, home is wherever their child is, and we want to help make an extremely stressful and difficult time more manageable.”

– Tchad Western, Chief Fun Officer & Corporate Partnerships

Tchad Western - Chief Fun Officer

The Bear Queen

The bear sculpture is based on a celebration of the Bear itself, whose head is adorned with a ceramic floral wreath as a sign of honour to the other Bears. Standing proud, but not loud,  our Bear Queen has been designed to depict strength, the potential for growth and unity. Following a difficult year for many businesses across Sheffield, here at CT we chose the Bear Queen for her quiet confidence and ability to unify all the bears to help raise vital funds for the children’s charity. 

Bears of Sheffield

The Bears of Sheffield is a public arts exhibition coordinated by The Children's Hospital Charity which celebrates the city of Sheffield, and brings together businesses, artists, schools and communities. Both professional and amateur artists of all ages will bring to life 60 big bears and 100 little bears which will be showcased in outdoor and indoor locations across Sheffield.

"Designing a Bear for the Children’s Hospital Charity to help raise money for the new cancer ward was a great honour and wonderful opportunity to work alongside my step-daughter who has a passion for bears. We wanted to approach the bear sculpturally rather than simply as a canvas and decided instantly that our bear was a Queen and that she would wear a crown as a symbolic sign of honour to the other bears in the trail. We looked at crowns throughout history and decided it should be made of flowers and fruits that she could find in the forest. We wanted our bear not only to be intriguing but to depict strength and unity"

– Tchad Western, Chief Fun Officer & Corporate Partnerships

Laura Aldridge, internationally renowned contemporary artist

Key Dates

12th July

17th July

23rd July

Bears of Sheffield Trail Launch

Team CT Trail Visit

CT Charity Fundraising Picnic

18th October

Charity Auction

of Bears

16th September

29th September

CT Fundraising Evening

Bears of Sheffield Trail Finishes

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